Know your dog ringworm

know your dog ringworm

Dog roundworm, Dog ringworm

Dog roundworm, Dog ringworm

If your dogs at home have ringworm, then it is not impossible that you too could possibly be infected by it. Ringworm is a skin infection caused by a group of fungi called “dermatophytes”. These ringworm causing fungi prefer to live on human and animal skin. Why? It is because dermatophytes feed on keratin and keratin can mostly be found on areas of the body such as nails, scalp, feet as well as the groin. Keratin is not only found on humans but animals as well such as cats, dogs, sheep and cattle. They also love to live on areas that are warm and moist.

Before you get any of those fungal infections, it is best if you get them off your dogs as soon as possible. Continue reading