Pet Dog Breeding

Dog BreedingIf you are the owner of a female dog you may have already considered the issue of dog breeding. You can never be certain about your dog’s life expectancy, and by allowing her to produce pups you will at least be guaranteed some continuity. Training pups can be a daunting task but it is also very rewarding; and you can choose to sell any that you don’t need. It is important to remember, however, that breeding dogs is not an easy task; and you will need to start off by finding the right mate.

Once puppies are born it will be your responsibility as the breeder to take good care of them. You may become emotionally attached to some of them, but you should not allow your emotions to interfere with your plans. You need to be prepared for the inevitable because sooner or later the pups will be going to new homes. Continue reading


Funny Birthday Cards for Dog Lovers

Funny Birthday Cards for Dog Lovers
funny dog, funny dog lovers, funny petThey speak in loving tones to and about their companion. Dog lovers enjoy getting birthday cards that focus on that love. Funny birthday cards for dog lovers are also appreciated. Just imagine what might be contained in the following 7, and you will see what I mean:

1. Funny English Bulldog birthday cards

2. Amusing Jack Russell terrier birthday cards

3. Hilarious Black Labrador birthday cards

4. Droll Dachshund birthday cards

5. Witty French Poodle birthday cards

6. Comical Golden Retriever birthday cards

7. Humorous Saint Bernard birthday cards Continue reading

Dog and Ring Worms

  • Dog and Ring Worms

    Dog and Ring Worms

    A dog with ring worms, Even when fed and cared for properly, there are health problems that dogs can be prone to. With the many illnesses that can affect a dog’s health, it is very important for the owner to be aware of the need for good sanitation in the food, the doghouse and anywhere the dog spends a lot of time. To protect against such deadly viruses as rabies, etc., dogs must also be routinely vaccinated. Below, we will discuss ringworm, a common dog illness – what it is and what to do about it.

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    Nursing a sick pet dog

    Nursing a sick dog is one of the vital measures that a dog owner needs to understand. Similarly, when a dog becomes sick, the dog is in need of more care and affection based activities by the dog owners. Nursing a sick animal is often considered as an art and this should not be taken as a causal measure.

    Yes. You need to take extra care to the dog when it becomes sick. For example, the sick dog with high fever needs to be given only some bread pieces and bulky non-vegetarian items may be avoided. Such dogs should be kept in some calm place after medications are taken and should not be disturbed. During the nursing of the dog who has taken the drug, the animal needs coaxing and stroking by the owner. Don’t raise the dog’s head too much to avoid the passing of drugs given by the mouth directly into the respiratory organs like lungs. During the nursing measures, take care by giving warm fluids.

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    Hyperplasia In Aged Male Dogs

    Hyperplasia In Aged Male Dogs

    Hyperplasia of the prostate gland is a benign expansion due to an increase in how many cells within the gland and happens in about 2/3 of aged male pet dogs. However, only a small percentage of these puppies ever show any recognizable signs of the abnormality. The main cause is unknown but is thought to be an imbalance of the hormones generated in maturity testicles. As the prostate is located directly below the rectum, the enlarged gland may press up against the rectal walls and cause difficulties and suffering while defecating, straining, and constipation. Unlike man, there is rarely any pain or problems in urinating.

    Treatment with an estrogen injection usually prevents the symptoms, reduces the size of the prostate within five or six days, and will keep it that way for several months, in most cases, and occasionally for several years. Some few pet dogs respond poorly, or not at all, and can be helped only by castration, which causes a permanent shrinking of the prostate. Continue reading

    Guidelines For Feeding Your Older Dalmatian

    Guidelines For Feeding Your Older Dalmatian

    In this article are various feeding tips researches get realized through the years and highly recommend for older Dalmatians:

    1. Never feed a Dalmatian organ foods such as liver, kidney, sweetbreads or brains in any form, whether cooked, raw or as an component in a pet foods or
    snack food.

    2. Never feed a Dalmatian game animal products like as venison or elk in any form, cooked, whether raw or as an ingredient in a pet diet or snack.

    3. Never feed a Dalmatian red animal meat, cooked or raw, or as an ingredient in a snack or in a pet diet where it appears as one of the first three ingredients listed on the label. Continue reading

    More than excitability And Inhibition Activity In Pet dogs

    About excitability is the term used to identify almost all the trouble dogs we view, especially when they’re stressed by different surroundings, unknown people, some other dogs, cultural isolation, physical restraint, stimulation, and sudden loud noises. At the other end of the spectrum of behavioral reactivity, we see seriously inhibited pets that react to stress by total inaction or slow, stiff movements, and apparent depression, seeming to lose contact with environmental stimuli. The condition normally occurs while the pet owners sleep at night at night, or when the dogs are left alone, especially for a long period of time. The stress of being ignored, even if the owners are there, stimulates the mother to introverted behavior (self-mutilation) and stimulates the extremely excitable son toward extroverted over-activity.

    Both excitability and inhibition can be increased by many herbs and synthetic drugs, as well as those extracted from living tissues. The simple fact such drug treatments do not affect all individuals (dogs or people) in the same way supports the belief that the balance among internal neurochemicals may be the primary factor influencing the behavioral expression of excitability or inhibition. Continue reading