Pet Dog Breeding

Dog BreedingIf you are the owner of a female dog you may have already considered the issue of dog breeding. You can never be certain about your dog’s life expectancy, and by allowing her to produce pups you will at least be guaranteed some continuity. Training pups can be a daunting task but it is also very rewarding; and you can choose to sell any that you don’t need. It is important to remember, however, that breeding dogs is not an easy task; and you will need to start off by finding the right mate.

Once puppies are born it will be your responsibility as the breeder to take good care of them. You may become emotionally attached to some of them, but you should not allow your emotions to interfere with your plans. You need to be prepared for the inevitable because sooner or later the pups will be going to new homes.

Handling newborn pups may seem a difficult job, but first of all you need to find a good mate for your dog. Ideally you should start breeding your dog when she is at least two years old. If you start the breeding process when your dog is very young she may not be mature enough to take care of her pups. Before you start breeding you also need to make sure your dog has received all the necessary injections. Try to schedule your visits to the vet so that your dog is ready when the perfect partner comes along. If you feel you can handle the responsibility for breeding dogs you can start looking for a mate.

Finding a mate for your dog can be problematic depending on the breed you have. Popular dog breeds are always going to be easier to find than the more exotic ones. You can start advertising in local newspapers to let people know you’re breeding dogs. You can also check out specialist websites for information on the subject. Another easy way to get the word around is by informing friends, family, and work colleagues that you’re looking for a mate for your dog.

Before long you will start to get responses to your advertising campaign. You should arrange to meet the owner to discuss fees or charges, and then make a decision about whether or not the fees are reasonable. If the fee seems to be excessive you can talk to other owners until you find someone whose charges are more reasonable. Some people charge a set fee for dog breeding, and once the pups are born they are entitled to choose one.

There is no doubt breeding pups can be both fun and rewarding, but you must try to remain emotionally detached otherwise you will end up feeling hurt when it’s time for them to leave.

Start breeding your dog now. Look at all your options so you can find the best possible mate. By doing your research now you will be able to reap the financial benefits when the time comes to sell your pups.


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