Your Fading Puppy Syndrome

Just one of the most typical reasons for newborn puppy dog deaths is what has been named as the “fading doggy syndrome.” Many of the unexplained puppy dog deaths that fall into this category would undoubtedly go elsewhere if only an accurate diagnosis could be made. Unfortunately, many of these poor little pets die so rapidly that no diagnosis can be made.

The facts are that whether or not the fading puppy syndrome is actually a distinct disease is still questionable. Many believe that it is what happens to any puppy dog that is unprepared, for whatever the reason, to face the stress of living in the world outside of his mother’s womb. Whether or not the failure in preparation occurs before or after the dog is born depends on the reason for the puppy’s fading,

Successfully saving the fading young puppy that can be saved depends on recognizing the condition early enough and implementing proper remedial action. As a dog owner, you have to be very perceptive in order to recognize early enough the signs of a potential syndrome doggy. Below are some of the things to look out for:

1. An lack of the airline flight reaction: When common puppies are taken from their mother and released, they will usually make every effort to scurry back to her. On the other hand, the syndrome pet dog will not attempt to go anywhere.

2. Desertion by the mother: A healthy, common puppy is licked and protected by his mother. The syndrome pet dog is left out of the litter and left in the corner to die.

3. “Slow-motion” activity: A healthy, common dog is always busy and does not move slowly to do anything while a fading puppy dog makes slow, deliberate movements, almost like in a slow-motion picture.

4. Hypothermia: Most puppies can survive considerable hypothermia, and normal young puppies in a litter usually feel warm and have ample supply of energy to keep their bodies from getting cold. The syndrome puppy dog does not like to eat and feels cold to the touch.

When you have recognized a pet dog that is in the early stages of the fading dog syndrome, you need to take him away from his mother and littermates and handle him just as if he were an orphan. In order for him to survive, you will have to raise him and feed him yourself by means of either bottle or stomach tube.


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