Guidelines For Feeding Your Older Dalmatian

Guidelines For Feeding Your Older Dalmatian

In this article are various feeding tips researches get realized through the years and highly recommend for older Dalmatians:

1. Never feed a Dalmatian organ foods such as liver, kidney, sweetbreads or brains in any form, whether cooked, raw or as an component in a pet foods or
snack food.

2. Never feed a Dalmatian game animal products like as venison or elk in any form, cooked, whether raw or as an ingredient in a pet diet or snack.

3. Never feed a Dalmatian red animal meat, cooked or raw, or as an ingredient in a snack or in a pet diet where it appears as one of the first three ingredients listed on the label.

4. Don’t ever feed poultry cooked or raw, or as an ingredient in a snack or in a pet food where it appears as one of the first two ingredients listed on the label.

5. Feed them plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains as snacks, except those known to be high in purine yields such as mushrooms, asparagus, legumes, oatmeal, spinach and cauliflower.

6. Feed adult Dalmatians dog foods like as corn, wheat and rice, (in that order) whose protein and fat content are moderate: about 22% protein from low purine
sources and no more than 10% fat.

7. Fresh, clean water must be available at all times.

8. Divide the dog’s total daily ration into two meals so that blood levels of uric acid will remain fairly stable. Soak meals in warm water to improve water

Dalmatians are only one of about 140 recognized AKC breeds. Because they have different dietary requirements than all the other breeds, it is understandable that the ingredients in most premium pet foods are not aimed specifically at keeping Dalmatians fit. What new Dalmatian owners do not know is that pet diet representatives do such a good job at marketing their products to various pet nutrients outlets, that the store salespeople often become excited for certain brands, which may very well be outstanding overall but are quite harmful to a Dalmatian.

If a animal meat product is listed as the first or second ingredient in an older dog meals, it is more likely that the nutrition is less suitable for Dalmatians than others that list grains, especially corn, as main ingredients.


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