Groom Your Poodle

Grooming your pet and trimming your comfortable Poodle dog using those fancy haircuts we often see usually takes many method. However we have outlined a step-by-step method that will assist you through the progression.

The 1st step is getting the proper equipment. You will only need a few items: a slicker clean, a steal comb, and ear powder (preferably medicated).

1. Very first fully clean the ears by clear the ears by dusting the inside with medicated ear natural powder and take out any dead hair using your fingers. Cut the nails using a scissors-type nail clipper, removing only the tips of the nails so as not to cut the quick. And clip the feet along with a #15 blade using an the ankle bone as your guideline. Using the corner of the blade, click up one side and then up the opposite side of each toe. Scoop the hair out from between the pads on the backs of the feet.

2. Clip the face along with a #15 blade. Clip from the bottom of the ear up to the corner of the mouth. Using the same blade, clip under the eye and down the sides of the muzzle, and from the stop (among the eyes) to the tip of the nose. Stretch out the lips back with your thumb to removed the hair around this area. If a mustache is preferred, leave the hair on the muzzle from just behind the sides of the mouth to the nose, clipping only from the stop down the muzzle to the nose, using the #15 blade.

3. Clip the tail along with the #15 blade going against the grain on the top side and with the grain on the underside. The amount of hair clipped from the tail depends on Nail Clipper (scissors type).

4. Clip the stomach area (from the groin to the navel) along with the #10 blade. To set the pattern on the body use either a #10 or a #7 blade. Clip from the base of the skull to the base of the tailed. Using the same blade clip down the entire rear leg to 1/4 inch above the hock joint. Also clip on the inside of the leg down to the same point. Clip down the sides of the neck, using the same blade, to the elbow, and then to a line on the front leg even along with the line at the hock joint on the rear leg. Clip on the inside of the leg down to the same line. Clip the rest of the body using the same blade, back, and chest going with the grain.

5. Wash the remaining hair on the legs using a slicker clean. Comb through the hair to make sure it is mat free. Bathe and dry. Use the fluff-dry method on the topknot, ears, and tail and leg pom-poms (bracelets).

6. Comb through the coat thoroughly after drying. Scissor around the cuffs on the legs to even them off. Tease the leg pom-poms (bracelets) and scissor them so that they appear round and fluffy. Scissor the front legs the same as the rear legs. Comb the head and ears. Tease the head using your comb.
Scissor the tail pom-pom so that it appears round and fluffy.


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